Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wednesday Remix Club #10

So, the Beastie Boys may have verged into caricature territory for many folks, but suffice it to say, they've had an extremely successful and quality career. I mean, they even had a better overall career than Run-D.M.C. if you really think about it. Plus they are always putting out their stuff on vinyl, and put out lots of remixes and special limited edition type stuff for their fans, which is always appreciated by obsessive-compulsive collectro nerds like myself. One way this manifested itself was their use of local talent for remixes. When the boys were still living in LA, they enlisted tons of local hip hop cats to create remixes for them. This is a great example: We Came From Beyond's Mike Nardone throwing down a sweet remix for the Ill Communication banger Sure Shot. It was also remixed by Large Professor and The Prunes. Enjoy.

Beastie Boys - Sure Shot (Mike Nardone remix)

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