Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Odd Couple

Now here's an interesting musical tidbit. Back before he was the king of punchlines, Chino XL was in a fledgling little group that put out a couple of promos but never saw any proper release. It was good stuff that signaled the arrival of a solid newcomer on the scene, and led into a relatively well known career for dude. So I just finished revisiting one of these early 12" and whilst doing some research on the group found that his partner was none other than house legend Kerri Chandler. Pretty interesting, and fascinating, to me as in Cali the house and hip hop scenes were very segregated at the time, so this kind of collaboration was unheard of at best. Here's a more in-depth post with more tracks from another website, but keep in mind they have mislabled the track I'm posting here as a solo Chino XL effort, when in actuality it was the first of two 12" that this group put out. Enjoy Kerri doing his best Mista Lawnge impression.

The Art Of Origin - Unration-AL

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