Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh No He's Here!

OK, I've now hit a pocket of 'LA Rap' in my ongoing convert-all-my-hip-hop-doubles-to-MP3 project, and this is great for me to relive my college radio days. If you were in LA in '92 and weren't into The Pharcyde, then there was something seriously wrong with you. One of the classic bits from that first album was a skit where they are all waiting for their weed guy to show up. As fate would have it, the good people at Delicious Vinyl decided to record a follow up record to that skit with the actual weed guy! Needless to say, Quinton's Here was a pretty big record, but I don't think it really made it past the Rockies. Anyhoo, this single was laced with not 1, but 3(!) more skits of some jazzy music and background noise of people waiting (again!) for Quinton to show up. So what I did here was to edit all of the skits together into one long jazzy background type track. This is also one of the earliest appearances of Jazzyfatnastees. So call your weed dude, pack your last bowl and chill to this.

Quinton feat. Jazzyfatnastees - Quinton's On His Way (ill Fiend edit)

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