Saturday, December 1, 2007

We Went All Around The Planet

Damn, what can I say about this? This song was HUUUUGE in LA at the time when it came out. This was the original line up of the The Gold State Project (Ahmad was later replaced by Xzibit after he got born again and left his major label deal) which was originally being called The Golden State Warriors. Everyone was buzzing about this with good reason. Bangin production and bad ass rhymes from 3 of the West Coast's most original rappers at the time. Thank god I was still doing college radio, cause there was no commercial 12" release for this track.


Knomad said...

Can also be found on the Street Fighter movie soundtrack, which is pretty random

Prof. Rockwell said...

yup, that's the only place it was available commercially. You can see the Street Fighter logo on the label scan