Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lift with the legs

You know what? Moving sucks. Especially when you got a sh!t-ton of records like me. And when you have to do it in the muggy NY summertime. On top of it all, they got the windows in my place boarded up cause someone cut a hole in the backyard fence. Seriously people, what...the...f*ck! Why wouldn't you just patch the hole in the fence instead of relegating yourself to live in a sweatbox? And to top it all off, the boyfriend of my floormate put the damn boards back on after I took them off! Bitch - you don't even live here and have to suffer in this god forsaken heatwave just so your lady - who has a separate and secure entrance - can have some peace of mind that no one will steal her boom box. I'm all for safety, but not at the expense of MY comfort. People are so f*cking stupid sometimes.

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