Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Days Are Here Again

OK, last time I was really irate because I was all hot and sh!t, but now I got an A/C thanks to my coworker, and things are back to normal again. So, just because, I'm uploading a song off of one of the first records (outside of my kiddie storybook records) that I ever owned. This one has special significance because my older brother gave it to me as a gift, and I never realized how awesome (and raer!) it really was until years later. So enjoy the theme from Shaft In Africa:

Shut Yo Mouf!

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Wingo Shackleford said...

DOPE, dude. There are some nice breaks up in there.

My first two albums (I can't remember which came first chronologically - chicken/egg kinda thing):

1. Cheap Trick 'Live at Budokan' - from my dad. ('This is the first song, on our new album')

2. Devo 'Freedom of Choice' - from my cousin, who is now an engineer on the Space Shuttle for NASA.

It says a lot...

And yeah, moving sucks