Saturday, February 9, 2008

Red-Hot Glower

So I got a new gig where the only rule is "no rap or hip hop", which basically means "play white people music". So I've been revisiting my 80s and rock favorites this past week, and rediscovered my love for The J. Geils Band. Freeze Frame is pure 80s pop-rock perfection, so many great songs on one album: Freeze Frame, Centerfold, Rage In The Cage, River Blindness, Piss On The Wall. And my personal fave, Flamethrower. I played this one out at the beginning of the night about a year ago, and half the bar just flipped their wigs going "this is J. Geils Band? I haven't heard this song in rocks!" Make sure and listen all the way through for all the funky breakdowns. Shit is bonkers.

J. Geils Band - Flamethrower

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