Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday Remix Club #2

So this week I went through my Sam Sever 12s, and remembered just how dope and unsung this dude was. Responsible for a part of the early 90s Def Jam sound (3rd Bass, Downtown Science, Nikki D), this guy was major! I was surprised at how many great tracks he produced or had a hand in. So here is his impeccable remix of 3rd Bass' 3rd Bass Theme a.k.a. Portrait Of The Artist As A Hood.


dj day said...

man you have no IDEA how long I've been looking for this. Everytime I bring it up someone pulls out the other remix. I played the shit outta this single back when it came out.


Sam is definitely underrated. Dude had some joints.

Prof. Rockwell said...

co sign!! My 12" is beat to hell with stickers all over the label.