Saturday, September 15, 2007

I <3 Whodini

So my girl and I were sacking out this Saturday eve, and we happened across NYCTV's program The Bridge doing a show about Whodini being inducted to the Hip Hop Hall of Fame. They were showing footage of them performing at the The Fresh Fest tour and we decided that they were totally badass. You had Ecstasy strutting around in short shorts and a leather Zoro hat, Jalil wearing pink feathers in his hair with a matching skinny belt on his leather pants, and Grandmaster Dee - the original green eyed bandit - rocking the tables. Oh, and Dr. Ice and the Kangol Kid from UTFO were their backup dancers. Perfect.

So in honor of their induction, here's this little Thomas Dolby (yes, that Thomas Dolby) produced ditty.

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Mike B said...

Dope post... I've loved the track my whole life and never knew it was produced by Thomas Dolby. So crazy. Thomas borrows heavily from Imagination's "Just An Illusion" here for sure.