Sunday, July 22, 2007


So I basically sit around on my ass alot reading and posting on messageboards, and a friend of mine - Steve B - suggested I do a blog. At first I was like "no way, I'm a grumpy disconnected old man, I think current fashion is pretty crappy, ditto with alot of new music (especially the whole mashup/bmore/nurave stuff that the kids are going nuts for these days)" I mean, I don't like to dress like "a pack of Skittles" and I'm not too into club remixes of Led Zeppelin. Some shit should just be left alone. But I digress....

So the more I thought about it, the more I thought "hey if every other douchebag out there has a blog, I may as well do one too. At least I can talk about somewhat interesting stuff and post some cool tunes." Which leads us to here: Porn 4 Scientolgy - a special place for me to bitch and moan.



Digital Bombing said...

Big Up Nel. Original Heads

Wingo Shackleford said...

Dude! I hear ya about the kids and their fashion these days.
I went to go see Dan Deacon
in Echo Park recently, and I felt like I got transported to 1982. Pack of Skittles, indeed.

I tried to blend in (as you can see about halfway down) with my orange-sleeved Journey tour shirt, but all it did was prompt the doorman to sing 'Don't Stop Believing' every time I walked by.

(Dan Deacon ROCKED, BTW. Very digital and EXTREMELY loud. What?)